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Welcome. Our site is a resource to encourage your study of the Scriptures. You are welcome to browse any of our lessons on screen, or to print them out for personal or group studies.

The Transformed Life
Don't settle for "religion." God has a plan to transform your life. Favorites: God's Plan For Your Life: Part 1, God's Plan For Your Life: Part 2, Gifts of The Holy Spirit and Fruit of The Holy Spirit.

The Book of Revelation & Last-Days' Prophecy
"Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it, for the time is near." Revelation 1:3
For an update on how current events fit into God's prophetic timetable, please read our Prophetic Update lesson. The next major unfulfilled event in prophecy is the Next Rapture, which is described here: Raptures and Resurrections. After that will come the next Middle East war, a Muslim attack on Israel described here: Ezekiel's War.
Special resources: We have additional resources in iBook format, for those with Mac computers, iPads or iPhones. Click here for more information.

Missed the Rapture?
Our Lord commanded us to watch and pray that we may be accounted worthy to "escape all these things." (Luke 21:36) Here are some resources for folks who want to be sure of their escape or who want to be sure of inclusion in the next train for glory.

Discipleship Resource: Durable Joy
Most of us have wasted endless hours seeking "happiness," which is fragile and fleeting. God wants you to have true joy, which is durable enough to survive the hardships of real life. These lessons are the key content sections from the book, Durable Joy published by Pleasant Word.

Prayer and Personal Revival
Develop your essential survival skills. Favorites: Does Jesus Care?, and "Unto what, then, were ye baptized?"

Essential Study Tools
The Bible is your primary resource. We can recommend some good Bibles and other helpful books to help you grow in your new Transformed Life.

Do You Live in Europe?
We have a mirror site hosted in Europe. It should load faster if you live on THAT side of the Atlantic.

Other Resources on the Web
A few sites with content to help you learn and grow.

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