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Very soon, the Lord will return to establish His Kingdom on this earth. Before then, bad things will happen. The question is not IF these events will happen, but when, why, and to whom. These lessons will help you to avoid these events altogether -- if you read and heed.
We especially recommend that you read Prophetic Update, and Ezekiel's War to understand today's Middle East events.

Prophetic Update: The Lord's Perspective on Current Events
Are events in the Middle East swirling out of control or are they happening exactly as the Lord predicted? You will become a victim if you are frozen in fear. Here's what we should be doing instead.

"Are We There Yet, Daddy?" Part 1: Warnings from Jesus
"When shall all these things take place?" Are you ready for them?

Revelation 1: The Revelation of Jesus, the Messiah
A brief introduction to the subject, with some important clues to understanding key prophetic issues.

Revelation 2-3: I Know You!
In His letters to the churches, Jesus reveals that He knows and cares about us individually.

Revelation 4-5: Preview of Heaven
These short chapters explain some key spiritual principles, and help us interpret future visions. They also describe your future wardrobe.

Revelation Study: The Prophecies of Daniel
The Lord must want you to know this material, because He repeats Himself in progressively interesting steps.

Revelation Study: Raptures and Resurrections
Good people disagree on when the Lord will take His church out of this world. But some things are very clear...

Updated: Revelation Study: Ezekiel's War (Ch. 38-39)
What will happen next in the Middle East? Will there be nuclear war this year? Will the United States be attacked?

Revelation 6: Overview of the Tribulation Period
The information in Revelation 6 gives fresh insight to the words of Jesus on the Mount of Olives.

Revelation 7: Some Special People
We learn more about the character and faithfulness of God through His treatment of these precious saints.

Revelation 8-9: Warning! Rough Road Ahead!
Midway through the tribulation period, things go from bad to worse for those who continue to rebel against God.

Revelation 10-11: Seven Thunders & Two Witnesses
Through the worst of the Great Tribulation, two men will boldly speak for God -- for 3 1/2 years.

Revelation 12: The Woman & The Dragon
Who is the sun-clothed woman and why does that dragon seek to devour her child?

Revelation 13: The Last-Days Dictator
In the near future, this man will be on every TV set and computer monitor. Are you ready for televised miracles?

Revelation 14: The Last Train for Glory
Fresh insight into the Scripture: "For God is willing that none should perish, but that all should come to eternal life..."

Revelation 15-16: The Last Plagues
What are you doing to ensure that nobody you know will experience these events?

Revelation 17-18: Who IS That Woman?
Finally, the religion peddlers will get their proper rewards.

Revelation 19A: A Mysterious Marriage
Who is the bride? Who is the groom? Are you invited to this party?

Revelation Study: The Day of the Lord
When this day arrives, it really WILL be too late to talk about it.

Revelation 19B: Doomsday
Will you be on a white horse following Jesus? Or will you be on a buzzard's dinner table? Better choose now.

Revelation 20: Heaven and Hell
Here's what you've been waiting for all your life. Every choice you make prepares you for this.

Revelation Study: The Millennium Period
You might be surprised what life will be like during the first 1,000 years of Heaven.

Revelation Study: The New Heavens and New Earth
After the Millennium, this earth will be transformed.

"Are We There Yet, Daddy?" Part 2: Warnings from the Prophet Amos
Here are some timely warnings that God's judgment is coming soon.

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